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Nebraska's Map - Reviews
Nebraska's Map - A Story oft he Dirty Forgotten Sad Child

Nebraska's Map


"Rubi McAllister was six years old when she orphaned herself. Now, at nineteen, she had let a man in the barn. These acts, at least in her mind, were not mutually exclusive. To let a man in the barn, actually a man and his daughter, was an act of goodwill."


So begins Nebraska'a Map in a small town in southern Utah, a few days before Christmas, when the world is on the verge of collapse. It is snowing, and the evils that come from this seemingliy innocent act of goodwill resolve into something far better than even Rubi can dream. When the fugitive Sheikh and his cronies arrive with intentions of murder and kidnapping, all because of the man in the barn, Rubi's childhood love has no other choice but to do what he must. And what he must do is save the itinerant child of the man in the barn and in so saving her save Rubi and the remains of the world they know.

"A complex, extraordinary novel...gripping from the first page to the last."


"Memmott has created a world of uncertainty to surround his volatile, over-thinking characters, whose intricately woven existence is both insular and dangerous."


"Thrilling in the extreme, Nebraska's Map is a definite page-flipper  the stuff for a great movie!"

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