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Christian Memmott - Airborne Law Photo Essay

About the Author



Christian started flying his junior year in high school. After owning a graphic design studio in Northern California for several years, he decided to pursue his boyhood dream and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation from Utah Valley University.


Shortly afterward, his official Law Enforcement Aviation Career began with the Butte County Sheriff's Department as a pilot and flight instructor. He was assigned to a narcotics task force flying fixed-wing aircraft during surveillance missions and helicopters for search & rescue, marijuana eradication and other special operations. His stories and experience are endless.


This book, coupled with his exprtise as an award winning graphic designer, is the result of his love for law enforcement and aviation.


Currently, he is the Chief Aviation Officer for Williams-Sonoma, flying a Bombardier Global Express.

About the Book


Illustrated with full-color photography, AIRBORNE LAW ENFORCEMENT is an artistic, informative, and fascinating look at the ways in which police aviation contributes to keeping the peace.


Aviation in law enforcement has never been more critical than it is today. More than once an aircraft—be it fixed-wing or helicopter—has been responsible for isolating the bad guy and keeping him at bay while ground forces close in. With today’s sophisticated and technologically-equipped criminal, every resource must be brought to bear in the painstaking art of gathering evidence and ultimate apprehension.


Aircraft and piloting in law enforcement is a resource that cannot be underestimated. Today, as historically, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters are utilized in a variety of missions, ranging from surveillance to transporting criminals. Police pilots are a breed unto themselves and are forever endangered not only by the nature of their missions but by the prospect of inclement weather and precarious terrain. From a raid on a marijuana field high in the Siskiyous to tracking an erratic Interstate getaway, police pilots and their aircraft play an indispensable role in apprehending the criminal and keeping the peace.

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