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Writing Awards, Grants & Citations

Sweet Sally Ann - BookSurge Editors' Choice Award
2002 BookSurge Editors' Choice Award for Sweet Sally Ann (novel)
“Heart-breaking and magical…a boy encounters love and death in a town that sits on a metaphorical fault-line between reality and our unconscious desires.”
The BookSurge Editorial Board consists of BookSurge editors as well as guest editors from the publishing and bookselling industry.
Riding the Absolute - WD Independent Book Award
2001 Writer’s Digest Award & Citation for Riding the Absolute (poetry)
“…a deeply philosophical collection of poems, assaying the ultimate questions, but doing so with élan and music. These poems are intent on finding the path or line of the authentic in order to celebrate the human capacity to sing, to connect with others, to understand the actual conditions of existence, and not only to understand it, but to name it as ‘riding the absolute.’”
Riding the Absolute was chosen by a panel of judges as one of five winners in its genre in a field of over 1900 entries in the 9th Annual Writer’s Digest National Book Awards.
Gardening without Gloves Critics' Pick
2001 Critics' Pick – BookSurge Book of the Month Citation for Gardening without Gloves (short fiction)
“Twelve stories, separated by short aphoristic tales, serve as a study of the human heart, and the internal and external combustion engines of desire and behavior. Excellent…executed with taste and style.”
IAAPA - Best Media Kit Award
IAAPA Brass Ring Award
1996 Brass Ring Award for Best Media Kit – 1st Place (IAAPA) – Copywriting and Design
The coveted Brass Ring is awarded by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (“IAAPA”). The winning media kit for 1996 was copywritten by Roger Memmott, designed by
Christian Memmott, and developed for the stunning IMAX motion picture, Zion Canyon - Treasure of the Gods, a production of World Cinemax Productions, Inc.
The award was given in a field of over 1000 entries, which included DisneyWorld, Great America, and Universal Studios.
Roger Memmott - Awards, Grants, Fellowships



  • Third Annual Fiction 59 Award (2000) – 1st Place

  • Fourth Annual Fiction 59 Award (2001) – Honorable Mention

  • Third Annual Flyway Magazine Award (1998) – Honorable Mention

  • Golden Web Award – Web Site Design (2002-2003)

  • William H. Taft Creative Writing Fellowship

  • Charles Phelps Taft Memorial Fund Publication Award

  • Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines (CCLM) – Editorial Grant

  • Ohio Arts Council – Fiction Writing & Editorial Grant

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