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"In saying my work fails, I flatter myself that I have imagined what it should have been."

                                                                                            —James Richardson, Poet


ROGER LADD MEMMOTT was born in Salt Lake City to fourth generation Mormons and grew up in the high desert country of southern Utah. He received an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of California, Irvine, and taught contemporary literature and fiction writing for over fifteen years at the University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University, and the University of Connecticut.


His stories and poems have appeared in dozens of magazines, including Sou’wester, Confrontation, New Millennium Writings, and Cumberland Poetry Review. His writing has been called "lyrical," "rhapsodic," "intoxicatingly poetic," " turns stunningly beautiful and prosaic," "...a writer of uncompromising honesty."


He is a recipient of the WRITER'S DIGEST NATIONAL BOOK AWARD for his book of poetry, RIDING THE ABSOLUTE. His most recent book, NEBRASKA'S MAP, has been called "a complex, extraordinary novel...gripping from the first page to the last."


He lives on the West Coast with his wife, family...and dogs.

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